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Syntax error in complex constant

Your syntax ( re, im) works only for constant expressions, i. when re and im are real or integer constants. This means you cannot make a complex constant from a real variable and a real. I see several issues, some pointed out by others: You' ve passed array1 to the subroutine with intent in but you change it. Use intent( out) or intent( inout) ( if you initialize parts of it elsewhere) ; array1 is a 2- dimensional array in. 5E- 3) where, in this example, 1. 234 is the real part of the complex constant and. program is checked for syntax errors and, if none are found, a file is. Accidental integer division is a common error in programming. In order to obtain. This section lists the errors processed by the compiler run- time library ( RTL). For each error, the table provides the error number, the severity code, error message text, condition symbol name, and a detailed description of the.

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    Complex constant syntax

    In Fortran, complex numbers are stored as a pair of real numbers ( real part first, followed by the imaginary part), or a pair of double- precision numbers. Complex constants are specified as (, a real value, a comma, another real value, and ). For instance, taking the square root of the real number - 1 ( coded as - 1. 0 ) will result in an error, because - 1 is outside of the domain of real square root. fortran プログラムで質問があります。 エラーが出てしまい、 解決できません。 最後の方 のbk= ( 0. , ak) の式でerror: expected parameter symbol in complex constant at ( 1) integer, parameter : : data= 99999 double precision t( 0:. For a complex literal, the real and imaginary components must be either named constants or literal constants. 0D0/ DREAL( SQRT( 2. 0D0) ) is neither of those things. For the line where you had no complaint, both components. Hello implicit none i = 3. Compile error print *, " i = ", i; end program Hello. Syntax: TYPE VariableName [, VariableName. ] or: TYPE [, ATTRIBUTE]. complex, Complex number, is just a PAIR of float variables.

    character, Character ( not. error # 6063: An INTEGER or REAL data type is required in this context. [ ' a' ] print *, ( ( 1, " a" ), i= 1, 10). For sure it is not legal Fortran syntax and should by refused by compiler which requires standard Fortran. A complex constant is an ordered pair of real or integer constants ( or PARAMETER small, error message. 71828 Not INTEGER- decimal point not allowed 1E6. The Sun Fortran 77 compiler ( release 5. 0) recognizes the Fortran 90- style syntax for integer and real constants that allows literal specification of the size of the data item.