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Sh syntax error bad function name

Going back to your question, taking into consideration the name of the script, namely Dockerfunctiontest. sh, I might think you don' t see much. Are Lawful Evil Tiefling Paladins possible? Travis CIでジョブを走らせてたらSyntax error: Bad fd number というエラーが出てた のでそれを治した話。. Rubyのスクリプトの中とかから System みたいな形でコマンド を呼ばれると / bin/ sh が使われるため dash になり、 dash では > & でリダイレクトする ことは. file whose name is the expansion of word. There are two formats for redirecting standard output and standard error:. for shell in / bin/ * sh ' busybox sh' ; do printf ' [ % s] \ n' $ shell $ = shell - c ' á( ) { : ; } ' done [ / bin/ ash] / bin/ ash: 1: Syntax error: Bad function name [ / bin/ bash] [ / bin/ dash] / bin/ dash: 1: Syntax error: Bad function name [ / bin/ ksh] [ / bin/ lksh]. If you are running the script with sh hello. sh, the interpreting shell will not be the one mentioned in the shebang line, but / bin/ sh will be used.

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    Name error syntax

    In case of Debian and Ubuntu by default this will be dash. So to run your script. sh: 13: Syntax error: Bad substitution. please help, thanks. is resulting into Syntax error: Bad substitution because you are not executing your script using bash. EDIT: In order to fix your script to enable it to work with sh and dash in addition to bash, you could replace the following lines: # get desired. You' re explicitly using sh as the shell in that script. ( you' ve got the wrong ps/ pgrep syntax as well; pgrep doesn' t read its stdin, so piping the output of ps to it is pointless). 4+ ( though in zsh and bash only when the file name is not a sequence of decimal digits, otherwise it' s the > & fd Bourne redirection operator). What' s the difference between using PostGIS functions and operators? You' re using the wrong syntax to declare functions. Use this instead: MoveToTarget( ) { # Function }.

    Or this: function MoveToTarget { # function }. Also, I see that later on you use commas to separate arguments. rm / etc/ profile. d/ 99- dietpi- login. sh sed - i ' / \ / DietPi/ d' / root/. bashrc # should already be removed, failsafe start clean sed - i ' / \ / DietPi/ d' / home/ dietpi/. bashrc # should already be removed, failsafe start clean cat < < _ EOF_ >. So: After you made the x86- mingw32- build. sh file executable, with:. In the error message there should be somewhere a part with : 130 or another number, thats the line number of the function. And thats the forbidden name. Examples of Shells That Do Not Support Hyphens. dash is the default shell ( / bin/ sh ) on the debian- ubuntu family and it does not support hyphens in function names: $ a- b( ) { date; } dash: 1: Syntax error: Bad function name.