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Fluent validation error message format

making error handling transparent regardless of your preferred format - i. the same C# Error handling code can be used for all ServiceClients. ServiceStack' s Fluent Validation feature is encapsulated in the ValidationFeature plugin which can be registered in your AppHost with:. You can overwrite the messages globally by modifying the ValidatorOptions. ResourceProviderType as noted on the localization page. You only have to define the strings that you would like to change as it will use the default string if no. Update: to change default message and keep default formatting for ModelState errors you can use HttpError class: if (! IsValid) { return Content( HttpStatusCode. BadRequest, new HttpError( ModelState,. Took inspiration from Ilya and realized you can just piggyback off the extension method nature of fluent validation.

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    Format message validation

    new MyValidator( ) ; var result = validator. Validate( target) ; foreach ( var error in result. WriteLine( error. ErrorMessage) ; Console. string JamesFormat( this string format, object source) { return FormatWith( format, null, source) ; } public static string FormatWith( this string format. You can define error message using MessageBuilder : if ( id = = " test" ) { context. I wouldn' t implement what you are trying to do with a custom validation function as you can do it using FluentValidation itself: RuleFor( u = > u. A blog post on Fluent Validation and how to use it to send custom error code along with Validation Messages. Fluent validation: set custom message on custom validation · c# fluentvalidation. But eventually the error message displayed in the console does NOT show the CustomInfo, but only the first part of the message: " Shipping Cost not set or not. In afterMvcvalidation method if validation not successful, I mapped error from validationResult to my custom response object and throw Custom exception. On Serialization issue where controller gets null object:.

    I found the answer. It was an overlook on my behalf: This was in the documentation and I overlooked it: All Error handling and validation options described below are treated in the same way - serialized into the ResponseStatus property of your. As validation and error handling is an essential part of developing services, ServiceStack provides a rich array of error. the same C# Error handling code can be. For more complex validation and to be able to return multiple validation errors ServiceStack includes the excellent Fluent Validation library by - a.