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Fatal error system stringexception invalid id

Associate_ Creative_ Director_ _ c! Then you are trying to compare an ID with the String. You have a custom validation rule Default ship to address already set which is firing when you are updating the records. Currently the error message is System. You are querying the Name and Code _ _ c fields and then using the Id field, which isn' t part of the SOQL query. code_ _ C = [ Select name from Code_ _ c where name= : code]. It looks like Delegate_ Admin_ _ c is a lookup field ( type Id), but you assigned the LastName field from the contact to this field. You are assigning string value into Id. Thats why you are getting this error. The opIds variable is a set of IDs, and it sounds like you' re passing in the string 10- Ber1 as an ID, when in reality it' s a text value. You need to change Set< Id> opIds = new Set< Id> ( ) ; to Set< string> opIds = new Set< string> ( ) ;.

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    Stringexception error invalid

    Usually this happens when you assign a string to an ID variable which turns out to be an invalid id ( string should be valid 15 or 18 digit id). In your case please check whether string variable assigned to ID variable is not a. For me, your cnt. Change it into cnt. An exception denotes an error that disrupts the normal flow of code execution. The Background According to the help docs When unhandled Apex exceptions occur, emails are sent that include the Apex stack trace and the customer' s org and user ID. getGlobalDescribe and “ Invalid field LastReferencedDate for Account”. What do you call an action that is less serious than a " crime"? public with sharing class AccountTriggerHandler { final List< Account> newRecords; final Map< Id, Account> oldMap; public. In handler code we are checking for if there are any contacts matching with the email address and without account id since those would be.

    I have written this code in notepad+ + so please check for compile time errors. StringException: Invalid id: com External entry point Trigger.