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Syntax error near unexpected token flask

/ done ( or / path/ to/ done, or python / path/ to/ done ), or re- name the command. This is really a problem with shell not python. The syntax error is coming from sh : sh: - c: line 1: syntax error. As you observe, removing the whitespace fixes your problem. What is happening is that the output of the first. If you want to run a bash script, then specify bash at the top of your file, not sh : #! To run a python script from bash then all you have to do is: python PyTest. If you want to embed python in a script then you can use. do the following ( assuming you are on mac/ linux) chmod 755 file. py the file is your file. / usr/ bin/ env python from flask import Flask app = Flask( _ _ name_ _ ) @ app. route( ' / ' ) def hello( ) : return ' Hello World!

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    Flask near token

    ' if _ _ name_ _. The problem is caused by this line: cmd = ' ls - l ' + line. it should be modified to: cmd = ' ls - l ' + line. When you read the line from your text file, you also read the trailing \ n. You need to strip this so that it works. Are you typing this at the unix command prompt? You should be doing this inside the python environment, ie. type python at the prompt and work from there. Also, no ; needed at the end of the line in Python. python in your case) to execute the script with. Without it, the shell is executing the script directly and since it does not understand Python code, it raises an error. share| improve this answer. answered Jun 20 ' 15 at 13: 43. I' m getting the following error:.

    py: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token ` ( '. Those errors are not typical Python tracebacks. Those errors look like shell errors. I think you are trying to run a Python.