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Error c2061 syntax error identifier const iterator

Because m_ mapFileNameToLogStrg is treated as a const member inside the const member function. This is because the type of this pointer is ' LogManager const * '. Then how can the iterator iter be non- const? As for your other error, you must use const typename list_ iterator< _ Tp> : : iterator& for your type. Any time you refer to a. returns a const pointer. Also, as Neil Kirk commented, _ Tp is probably a reserved identifier so you shouldn' t be using that. Sorry, but I just think the best suggestion is not using auto at all, since you want to perform a ( implicitly valid) type conversion. auto is meant for deducing the exact type, which is not what you want here. Just write it this way:. Your most immediate problem is because you don' t have a const version of begin : const_ iterator begin( ) const { const_ iterator i; i.

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    Identifier iterator syntax

    begin( ) ; return i; }. But then also your const_ iterator class uses map' s iterator. std: : vector< T> : : iterator is a dependent name, so you need a typename here to specify that it refers to a type. Otherwise it is assumed to refer to a non- type: typedef typename std: : vector< T> : : iterator iterator;. Well, the warning says: dependent name is not a type. prefix with ' typename' to indicate a type. The dependent name ( that is, the iterator in std: : set< result_ t> : : iterator ) is not a type. You need to prefix it with typename to. Here is an explanation Error with T: : iterator, where template parameter T might be vector< int> or list< int>. parsing rule that says that qualified dependent names should be parsed as non- types even if it leads to a syntax error. Use map< int, vector> : : const_ iterator instead which is returned by map: : begin. I' ve found the problem. The project I' m working on makes use of precompiled headers and for the. cpp files that are using boost libs, I had to prevent this from happening. In other words, I had to right click on the.