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Python syntax error on print

But when I ran the code, it says there' s a syntax error here: print " ". name = input( " What is your name? " ) print( " Hello, " + name). Syntax errors can be tricky to spot. Consider this short Python program: forename = input( " What is. What if we misspelled the word print as Print? Note the capitalisation here. In this case, Python raises a syntax error. > > > Print( " Hello there! This behavior is intended and is how Python knows you intend to. print( f) # Notice how this line starts with three greater than symbols. The problem is that! has no meaning in Python. The syntax error would go away if we had put print( " Hello, World! " ) instead, because then Python would.

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    Python print syntax

    The Python code below is supposed to create a dictionary and print that. of SyntaxError you have the detailed information about the error. In Python3 print is a function: print( " Hello, World! " ) Check: python. python File " stdin", line 1 SyntaxError: invalid syntax. Originally Answered: Why do I keep on getting invalid syntax error in Python while. From your code, i assume that you, only intend to print the item inside a list,. No matter what I do, whenever I type Zed' s example from exercise 5 or copy and paste it directly, the first line of print code always comes up.