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Fatal syntax error identifier expected but var found

Error is : Fatal: Syntax error, " ; " expected but " identifier B" found Error: / usr/ bin/ ppcx64 returned an error exitcode. Here is ref code program main; var i. In Pascal, semicolons ( i. " ; " ) are for separating statements, not ending them. So you should say: if txt = ' end' then begin Close( UserFile) end else begin Readln( txt ) ; Writeln; Writeln( UserFile, txt) end. Note that there are no. You have these two if statements beginning a code block: end else if obraz= 6 then begin if mampistoli= 1 then begin. but there is only one end; to end them. If you indent your code carefully, it is easier to spot problems like this. You were missing two ' end; ' statements. I have re- formatted to show the problem ( and solution).

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    Fatal identifier syntax

    program Adventure; uses Crt; var guess : integer ; begin TextColor( White) ; TextBackground( Green) ; writeln( ' Adventure' ) ;. But when I try to compile I' m getting this error: lazarus identifier expected but PROCEDURE found. Fatal: Syntax error, " identifier" expected but " PROCEDURE" found. The code it stops at is: implementation uses / / LazWebKit. The below will compile as it supplies the missing blocks, but of course it will do nothing. program MouseInput; Uses WinCrt, WinMouse, Graph; Var GraphicsDriver, GraphicsMode : smallint; x, y: smallint; function GetMouseX:. Apart from the missing ' end' at the end of ' citaj', you also appear to have an undeclared identifier in this statement For i: = 1 To go Do. Using more descriptive variable names would help immensely. Note that, a variable declared as TStringArray will not be compatible with a similarly declared but differently typed array, for instance with type TOtherStringArray = array of string. share| improve this answer.

    answered Oct 4 ' 13. If you need two or more statements for true_ statement or false_ statement, then the group of statements must be placed within a begin. end Block procedure TForm1. Button2Click( Sender: TObject) ; var days: integer; begin. program MouseInput; Uses WinCrt, Mouse, sysutils, Graph; Var GraphicsDriver, GraphicsMode, ErrCode : smallint; x,. i have this code, but this syntax error occurs: 1 / 1 mouse. pas Fatal: Syntax error, UNIT expected but PROGRAM found but this is a program not a unit? if i change Mouse to WinMouse it goes away, but throws out other errors saying identifier not found GETMOUSEX and.