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Syntax error unexpected keyword do expecting keyword end

should be each do | c|. do is the keyword for beginning a block, not a method on each. The reason it said it found the unexpected keyword end is because it was expecting a close parenthesis up at that spot and kept looking for it, through the end of the file, without finding it. Therefore, the keyword end was. Your editor should be able to highlight it accordingly:. each do | results|. Should be: results. each do | result|. result then refers to a single element within your results array ( double check your code for result vs. count < = 3) if ( sec. response) logger. info " Check in valid" return true elsif ( count < 3) result = ask ' please_ try_ again.

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    Keyword unexpected expecting

    wav', : limit = > 5, : timeout = > 5. seconds else play ' try_ again_ later. wav' hangup end end end. あり得ないから。 では次節から典型的な Syntax Error の例を見ていこう。. rb: 4: syntax error, unexpected end- of- input, expecting keyword_ end. 最初なので 丁寧. 文脈と名前からして「 Ruby の文法上のキーワードである end 」 を意味するようだ 。 ちなみに, Ruby. times do # なんとか end. はスルーされる。. Indentation is very important in Slim. You haven' t indented anything within your first line, if user. ; you need to do so, or you' re producing an if statement with no body.

    Ensure that your conditional follows canonical if- else- end logic like the following: < % if. The basic if conditions syntax for erb is. My issue was that I forgot to end a do block when creating a link using link_ to. You are failing to close 2 of your loops with an < % end % >. < % unless series. % > < div class= " col- xs- 6 col- sm- 6 col- md- 4" > < p class= " field- label" > Series< / p> < % series. each do | series| % > < span. Users/ aaronmk2/ Desktop/ CodingDojo/ book_ review/ app/ views/ books/ _ form. erb: 1: syntax error, unexpected keyword_ do_ block, expecting keyword_ end. tml = > { : multipart = > true} do safe_ appen. This end : end < < < < = = = = = # Additions when ' Mahi Fillet'. closes the whole case block and therefore the when in the next line doesn' t make sense for the parser. Just delete that end to solve your problem.