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Syntax error missing semicolon before type

occur in a block before the first non- declaration statement. gcc relaxes this requirement so the error doesn' t occur. If people know the compiler well which emits this error message, their guesses might be a lot better if they know the. I have about your other header files and VC alerting that it' s missing a type specifier: missing type specifier. Replace # include " PlayEngine. with class PlayEngine;. A declaration is enough for this case. ( and I' m betting the source is a circular inclusion). C2143 can occur when a closing brace, parenthesis, or semicolon is missing on the line where the error is. Another guess might be that this is a generic error message that is produced with any type of invalid declaration:. Usually this error occurs when what' s before the identifier isn' t known to the compiler.

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    Type missing before

    In your case that means the. up vote 3 down vote. I definitely see a missing semicolon ; toward the end of main right before return true;. In C compilers not compliant with C99 ( i. Microsoft Visual Cthanks to Mgetz for pointing this out), you can' t declare variables in the middle of a block. So try moving the variable declarations to the top of the block:. First, you' re missing a semi- colon after the struct definition:. Then the typedef is vacuous; in C+ +, you don' t need the typedef to get type MyStruct defined. It should be followed by the aliasing type and a semicolon. I haven' t used visual in at least 8 years, but it seems that Visual' s limited C compiler support does not allow mixed code and variables. Is the line of the error on the declaration for int i= 1;? Try moving it above the call to func( ) ;. Do you have a missing semicolon after a class/ struct declaration before line 343? One thing you can do is try another compiler to see if you get a different error message that speaks more to you. For example, there' s Comeau.

    That error message indicates that you have a missing semicolon. The most common place this. Ludicrously, some compilers even throw an error if you don' t put your variable declarations at the top of the code block.