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Syntax error unexpected t paamayim nekudotayim expecting variable t variable

Usually the solution is to break it into multiple expressions, and you can do that here: $ className = $ this- > StaticClassName; $ someVar. empty( ) is expecting to check something thats variable; a constant is not variable so that is not included in the list. class name and therefore is expecting the double colon token ' : : ', hence why the error makes perfect sense. 0, it' s possible to reference the class using a variable. The variable' s value can not be a keyword ( e. self, parent and static). The reason for the error is simply that the syntax isn' t supported in < 5. If you previously assign the ClassName to the $ cnf variable, you can call the static method from it ( we are talking about PHP. Hope this helps people having this error in 5. 2 version ( don' t know if this was openfrog' s version). It' s also worth noting ( for future reference) that isset is not a regular function; it is a " language construct" and cannot be used on anything besides variables ( i.

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    Unexpected nekudotayim syntax

    can' t be used on the return value of a function). Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ PAAMAYIM_ NEKUDOTAYIM, expecting T_ VARIABLE in. PAAMAYIM is Hebrew for " twice" and NEKUDOTAYIM means " colon", so it' s expecting a variable and it got a double colon ( namespace operator ). - my comment was more aimed at the OP than at you : ) static: : can be useful, though I also can' t think of the last time I needed it. In PHP, the scope resolution operator is also called Paamayim Nekudotayim ( Hebrew: פעמיים נקודתיים ), which means “ double. empty( ) not only tests if a variable exists, but also if it' s value is " empty" ( in case of PHP a zero ( 0) is also empty). PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ' = = ' ( T_ IS_ EQUAL), expecting : : ( T_ PAAMAYIM_ NEKUDOTAYIM) in php shell code on line 1. That' s hebrew for " double colon". static: : configure is likely what' s causing problems. static is a PHP keyword - I doubt you can use it as a class name. If you' re trying to use late static bindings, make sure you' ve got PHP 5.

    If you get this message, it means PHP sees a class name and expects you to access it with the scope resolution operator. update: After seeing the edit to you code you made a mistake in the call. The right syntax is:. The parse error is occurring as the code tries to resolve Namespace: : isTalk( ) into a namespace name. ( The syntax for doing so would be something akin to namespace Foo ; it becomes confused at seeing the : : resolution.