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Schtasks error the system cannot find the path specified

bell\ updater2\ updater2. xml The system cannot find the path specified. you may also use the built- in Task Scheduler command- line utility SchTasks. How to Find Which Program Caused An Unknown Error Message? I have tried this on my machine. If you give the correct task name, you get the following response - > SUCCESS: Attempted to run the scheduled task " SAMPLE SCH JOB". Only when I misspelled the task name did I get the same ERROR. Finally I was able to resolve the issue. The problem was with the user authority. The batch script was suppose to encrypt a file and then ftp the encrypted file to the vendor' s ftp server.

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    Specified error find

    Apparently in Windows Server, the. ERROR: The data is invalid. To see the combined syntax for creating tasks or to see the syntax. You can specify a start date, or run the task the next time the system starts. If you omit the path, schtasks assumes that the file is in the. The System account does not have a password and SchTasks. If omitted, the system parameter defaults to the local computer. A value that specifies the path and file name of the task to be run at the. For / V1 tasks ( Task Scheduler 1. 0 tasks), if / RI is specified, then the duration. You cannot create a non- interactive remote Task Scheduler 1.

    Get Livefyre · FAQ. Tasks are organized in folders so it is necessary to specify a full path of the task, otherwise only the root tasks will be listed: schtasks / query / v / fo list / tn \ Microsoft\ Windows\ Wininet\ CacheTask. Folder: \ Microsoft\ Windows\ Wininet HostName:. Delete non- valid entries from the TaskCache. The TaskCache is normally maintained automatically, in this case some entries were not. I' m writing a small app that generates the contents of a batch file, using SCHTASKS to create scheduled tasks. However, I simply. ERROR: Invalid syntax. Mandatory option ' / sc' is. The system cannot find the path specified. I could use some. The issue is that your command prompt can' t find any programs to match. highlight the Path variable in the Systems Variable section and click.

    When creating a new schedule for a profile you may receive the error message " The system cannot find the specified file" or " The system cannot find the. If you want to run a task you have to use schtasks / run. Otherwise you' ll get the system cannot find the path specified error. Also, as a non- admin user you don' t have access to scheduled tasks running in the context of another user. Only when I misspelled the task name did I get the same ERROR response as yours. So I am assuming you aren' t using the exact same name for the task. BAT file and you' re trying to get it to run automatically using Task Scheduler in. Windows, you might have run into the issue where it simply doesn' t run unless. After a lot of trial and error, I figured out how to get the script to run. Fix “ Windows cannot access the specified device path or file” Error · Device. The batch script was suppose to encrypt a file and then ftp the. There is not only 1 % SystemRoot% \ System32 on Windows x64. There are 2 such directories. The real % SystemRoot% \ System32 directory is for 64- bit applications.

    This directory contains a 64- bit cmd. But there is also. Please see my answer to a similar question, of how to set the " Wake the computer to run this task. " option that is only available from the Task Scheduler UI ( and via the XML), and not the schtasks. exe / create command line. Step 1: create XML file that sets all task settings, several places for more info on XML elements:. Step 2: Specific to " where" the task will execute from ( as in the starting directory the script will commence in the command line, this is directly related to the OP' s. Try using: pushd \ \ machine\ share. within a batch file of your scheduled task. Network shared drives are only available from a user- run environment. " pushd" will allow it to be run in the context of the script.

    When you' re done. I have successfully updated a task which resides within the ' top level' folder path under Task Scheduler Library, however when I attempt to edit a scheduled task which resides within a subfolder, schtasks cannot find the task. The shortcut as it is now is. C: \ Windows\ System32\ schtasks. ERROR: The system cannot find the file specified. This started out.