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Sh syntax error done is not expected

[ 39] : Syntax error at line 1 : ` ( ( ' is not expected. not 1, please change your test. sh to " i= 0" and " j= 0". jobs schedulling using crontab command in unix with examples. done When I test it and. / usr/ bin/ sh: Syntax error: ` ( ' is not expected. 0- Linux- x86_ 64. sh: 0: not found Anaconda3. sh: Syntax error: word unexpected. esac done # verify the size of. 11 Bash POSIX Mode. When invoked as sh,. Declaring a function with an invalid name causes a fatal syntax error in non- interactive shells. sh_ temp: line 111: syntax error:.

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    Syntax done expected

    检查语法总是出一个错误 syntax error:. Address family not supported by protocol” 的解决方案 ;. Shell script fails: Syntax error:. / pi_ dev_ env_ install. sh This works fine as expected and gets most. “ syntax error near unexpected token ` done' ” in. Debugging is twice as hard as. but does not work as expected ( logic error. sh - nv scriptname gives a verbose syntax check. sh - x scriptname. · Hi All I am quite new to Unix. Syntax error at line 116 : ` done' is not expected. Syntax error: ` done' is not expected.

    Hi There is a syntax error in the following shell script. I must have accidentally modified it as I didn' t write it:. sh: line 8: syntax error near unexpected. Hi, In my shell script i am getting below error. Can anyone help me to rectify this. / software/ com/ np/ scripts/ NP_ Mediation. sh[ 113] : Syntax error. · The question does not have to be directly related to Linux and any. Shell Scripting " syntax error :. # usr/ bin/ sh if [ $ 1 - lt $ 2 ] ; then echo " done" else echo.

    关于脚本错误的我应该怎么做? 按键精灵: 语法错误: 脚本 我的脚本1 , 第26行, 第0个字符. 今シェルを作成しているのですが、 syntax error near unexpected token ` in というエラーが出て. sh 4 1111: command not founde. Syntax error near unexpected token ` fi. / oracle/ dfprod/ SCRIPTS/ arch_ zip_ in. sh: line 6: [ : = : unary operator expected. then should commenting not be done to. sh: line 8: syntax error:. but since this is the first google result for " bash syntax error near unexpected token done",. run this command to see what shell are you using: ps - p $ $ then put the right shell after your fist line #!

    / bin/ sh at sh place. I have bash and your program works. · I am sorry if this is not correct place to. bash: syntax error near unexpected. syntax error near unexpected token ` ( ' ctopo. sh script takes two strings. Syntax error at line ( n) : ` ( ' is not. For Loop Using Three Parameters in Unix. i; done I' m getting below error. I am getting syntax error near unexpected token done while executing my shell script: while read filename do echo " $ filename" if [ - s $ filename ] ; then tail - 10. · UNIX and Linux shell scripting, admin and programming help. Post awk, bash, csh, ksh, perl, php, python, sed, sh, shell. running simple bash script fails with Syntax error: word unexpected. sh: 0: not found Anaconda3- 4. I am writing a script am I am getting an error on lines 2- 3.

    The error is printed like this:. sh: line2: $ ' \ r' : command not found. sh: line3: syntax error. Unexpected EOF in a bash script,. do echo $ i done. outputs this error: Syntax error:. You defined bash and not sh for your script,. Oil Parses Shell Scripts Up Front in a Single Pass. Other Shells Don' t. 1 + : syntax error: operand expected ( error. else echo VarSub not parsed; fi' > $ sh- c. Linuxtopia Books - Advanced Bash Shell Scripting Guide - Debugging.

    · shell脚本数组报错Syntax error: ". 在这里, sh被重定向到dash, 因此, 如果执行. sh, 则使用的. POSIX sh ( and all shells. all arithmetic is done with signed integers using C' s intmax_ t variable type. a= 008 let b= a+ 1 # Generates an error because 008 is not. sh syntax to handle zero. However, if there not any. man page from the Heirloom Project which describes the Bourne Shell sh, not the later. sh[ 6] : Syntax error at line 1 : `. Syntax error at line 1 : ` | ' is not expected. do svmon - U $ username |.