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Jsp syntax error on token s misplaced construct s

and also public class OS extends Frame {. The first one should be removed. Other than that, the object ' slot' was not declared and initialized. After removing class OS {. and two lines of slot. i am getting the above error, below is the code. i am trying to display the first value of the map. [ code] < % java. HashMap map = new java. code= java] public class Beta { public static void main( String[ ] args) { String str = " null" ; if ( str = = null) { System. println( " null" ) ; } e. I use eclipse to help me code & I have been having issues with the error message " Syntax error on token( s), misplaced construct( s) " coming up, I' m not entirely sure what is wrong with my code. The goal of this code is to write a program where. Multiple markers at this line - Syntax error on token( s), misplaced construct( s) - Syntax error on tokens, delete these.

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    Error syntax construct

    this statement is not inside any block, hence it is not permitted. remove it from here and put it inside any other method or block. Note: this is how java works. Statements should be placed in inside constructors/ methods/ blocks, otherwise Compile time error occurs. You need to place all statements after the declarations in a code block, e. method rather than the class block. Logically it probably makes sense to place all statements in the code block but the non- declarative statements. I have the following code in Java 5: for ( Object o : theList) { for ( int k= 0; k< theList. size( ) ; k+ + ) int[ ] [ ] m = new int[ 7] [ 7] ; m = theList. get( k) ; for ( int i= 0; i< 7; i+ + ) { for ( int j = 0; j< 7; j+ + ) { System. println( m[ i] [ j] ) ; } System. hi, can anyone find what s problem with this code? it says Syntax error on token( s), misplaced construct( s) [ code] import java. We were not aware that we had 2 Tomcat instances actually using the same JSP work directory. We have changed this so that each instance uses its own work folder and we haven' t seen the issue again since.

    JSPコンパイルエラーJAVA初心者ですMVCモデルを使用してプログラムを作成している のですがsyntax error が出てしまいます。 ご教授ください。 Eclipse 3. 0を使用しており ます。 JSPソース.