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Phantomjs syntax error

The good thing is that PhantomJS/ CasperJS scripts are just JavaScript, so you can paste them to http: / / jslint. It' s not possible to determine this in PhantomJS itself. The documentation on phantom. onError says: This is the closest it gets to having a global error handler in PhantomJS. And this doesn' t catch the syntax error. CasperJSやPhantomJSを使っていてシンタックスエラーがあると. SyntaxError: Parse error. シンタックスエラーはPhantomJSで起きているので CasperJSでなくPhantomJSを使っても同じです。 PHP. This is a bug in PhantomJS: google. com/ p/ phantomjs/ issues/ detail? id = 930& start= 300. The workaround is to turn off GZIP compression for now ( or send bogus accept headers from Phantom to trick the server into.

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    Syntax error phantomjs

    Run the file with node. If there is a parse error it will report it. If the file is valid, then node will also try to run it, which will fail if your script depends on something not available in your node environment. So you' ll have to ignore. if you want to use versions higher than 1. you will need to change your code from page. open( url, function( ) { } ) to page. then( function( ) { } ). this is explained very well at phantom npm site. Which gives detailed. When I try to launch the example I get this error : SyntaxError: Unexpected token ' > ' phantomjs: / / code/ test.

    js: 4 in injectJs phantomjs: / / code/ bootstrap. js: 456 To launch the script I use : node_ modules/ casperjs/ bin/ casperjs test. Copy and paste that js into jslint, I just tried it and found many errors, some trivial, but some major. You are missing a ) on your pageloaded function for starters. Two best answers taken from similar question getting more information from phantomjs " SyntaxError: Parse error" message are: 1) run it with node : node Test. 2) use online syntax checker like. To easily catch an error occured in a web page, whether it is a syntax error or other thrown exception, an onError handler for the WebPage object has been added. An example on such a handler is: page. onError = function ( msg.