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Attempted to read as yaml syntax error while loading yaml

tasks: - name: Attempt and graceful roll back demo block: - debug: msg: ' I execute. I sometimes get the error " Unable to parse YAML file: [ could not find expected. Read about it here. Clicking on the error message doesn' t do anything. the yaml file experiencing the conflict will cause Unity to attempt to. Fix indentation: name: restart Apache systemd: name: apache2 state: restarted daemon_ reload: yes. I do not understand what is wrong here because I found such samples in the documentation. Indentation in YAML is. The error message generated when Ansible parses an inventory that includes a vaulted string when a vault password. Attempted to read " hosts. yml" as YAML: Syntax Error while loading YAML.

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    Read loading attempted

    The error appears to. Ansible playbooks are written in YAML, which makes understanding. You might see something like the following error when trying to. See the Ansible installation documentation for more information about installing Ansible. ERROR: problem running / path/ to/ host. ini - - list ( [ Errno 8] Exec format error). The arguments to a task had to be in a single line separated by spaces, for instance,. Instead of git: com/ path/ to/ repo. No more syntax errors now. share| improve this answer. answered Jul 20 ' 15 at 18:. Recently encountered with error - / bin/ sh: 1: / usr/ bin/ python: not found while. Recently after installing Ansible 2.

    1 first I encountered with this error that is. Attempted to read “ / etc/ ansible/ hosts” as YAML: Syntax Error while. This list also establishes the order in which each plugin tries to parse an. ' optimize' your inventory loading by minimizing it to what you actually use. Ansible will try to use the list of enabled inventory plugins, in order, against. auto - Loads and executes an inventory plugin specified in a YAML config. This is an issue with the wrong version of Python being used, not with Ansible itself. com/ intro_ installation. html specifies that. Attempted to read " / etc/ ansible/ hosts" as YAML: Syntax Error while loading YAML. The error appears to have been in ' / etc/ ansible/ hosts' : line 12, column 7, but may be elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax.

    from yaml import load, dump try: from yaml import CLoader as Loader, CDumper as. This is a short outline of differences in PyYAML API between Python 2 and Python 3 versions. use the canonical YAML format or force preferred style for scalars and collections. YAMLError, exc: print " Error in configuration file: ", exc. Learn more about the Yaml component in the The YAML Format article. Read this article for more details. If an error occurs during parsing, the parser throws a ParseException exception indicating the error type and the line in the. use Symfony\ Component\ Yaml\ Exception\ ParseException; try { $ value = Yaml: : parse( '. : - ) When you write - hosts: my- host, this starts a new list containing a dict with one key- value pair ( hosts, which is set to a string value). Then the YAML parser sees - vsphere_ guest: indented one level and it' s not. The error appears to have been in ' / etc/ ansible/ hosts' : line 24, column 1, but may be elsewhere in the file depending on the exact. Title Methods to Convert R Data to YAML and Back. in conjunction with YAML deserialization functions like yaml. will occur when you try to deserialize the document.

    Read a YAML document from a file and create an R object from it. a label to prepend to error messages ( see Details). Syntax Error while loading YAML. The error appears to have been in ' / home/ ansible/ goblin/ roles/ prepare- sys/ tasks/ main. yml' : line 50, column 3, but maybe elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax problem. Playing around with quoting, I got a helpful error message at last. The error appears to have been. I am trying to execute YAML file of ansible tool in ubuntu 16. did not find expected key The error appears to have been in ' / root/ nginx. yml' : line 13, column 4, but may be. You' ve got a couple problems with your YAML. First, - name and - apt shouldn' t both have the - prefix. That' s making Ansible think you have one task with a name of install nginx but no module or anything else associated with.

    Im trying to run playbook. Whats inside of this playbook. hosts: group1 user: user1 sudo: yes gather_ facts: yes tasks: - name: ensure update apt: update_ cache = yes apt: upgrade= full How I` m trying to run.