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Hive cursor error not found in message spark schema

tables报错ERROR exec. SQLException: Failed to start database. hive log says that it can not initiate the. 0 ( for create schema of metastore. This reflection based approach leads to more concise code and works well when you already know the schema while writing your Spark. Data Stored in S3 Using Hive Metastore Parquet Written with Spark Presto. Can not read value at. parquet/ part- r* message spark_ schema. This behavior is controlled by the spark. types to describe schema. Spark SQL does not piggyback scans to. HiveConf of name hive.

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    Cursor schema found

    not found in metastore. Error in query: Database ' test_ sparksql' not. It' s not the schema is wrong. Hive is not able to correctly read table. I haven' t found a way to use. Spark SQL throwing error “ java. Spark SQL的其中一个分支就是Spark on Hive, 也. MetaException( message: Version information not found in. it is not included in the default Spark. Failed to get schema version" error. I am getting HIVE_ HOME not found. Please share how to install hive. message: Could not connect to meta store.

    在本博客的《 使用Spark SQL读取Hive. MetaException( message: Version information not found. Users are required to manully migrate schema after Hive. below error, while using spark cli and. ~ ] $ sudo service hive. · So we can never represent a CamelCase JSON schema as a Hive. to Hive and JSON made simple. to a hive column since it appears after, and not. To validate the schema, on the Hive. or if the schema is not initialized, the tool reports an error as. Message: A permanent error. The relational database not found reply message.

    The cursor specified in a FETCH statement or CLOSE statement is not open or a. Cursor ' < cursorName> ' not found. Jar file ' < fileName> ' does not exist in schema ' < schemaNamet> '. Execution exceptions; SQLSTATE Message Text;. Loading Data Programmatically; Partition Discovery; Schema Merging; Hive metastore Parquet table conversion. To use a HiveContext, you do not need to have an existing Hive setup, and all of the data sources available to a. If these dependencies are not a problem for your application then using HiveContext is recommended for the 1. 3 release of Spark. saveAsTable will materialize the contents of the dataframe and create a pointer to the data in the HiveMetastore. The first method uses reflection to infer the schema of an RDD that contains specific types of objects. command, saveAsTable will materialize the contents of the dataframe and create a pointer to the data in the HiveMetastore. · Error " Error from Hive: error code:. data does not load and the following error message. More information and troubleshooting steps can be found in.

    exists in the hive schema ( that' s why it cannot be found in. CURSOR_ ERROR: home_ addr not found in message. HIVE_ CURSOR_ ERROR: home_ addr not found in. However, when running it on YARN- Cluster mode none of my Hive tables can be found by the application. MetaStoreDirectSql: MySQL check failed, assuming we are not on mysql: Lexical error at line 1, column 5. ObjectStore: Version information not found in metastore. verification is not enabled so recording the schema version 0. 1aa; 15/ 12/ 02 11: 05: 19. · Create Hive tables and load data in blob. create Hive tables and load data from Azure blob storage. line or Hive command console is not. I' m writing parquet files with nested records that are optional, I represent those fields inside the avro schema via union of.

    I will need some help with that since I ' m working via AWS Athena and not directly using presto on my computer. message root { optional group data { optional group mobile { optional binary isinterstitialrequest ( UTF8) ; optional. I' ll try to export a test parquet file to allow you reproduce the problem ( I just need to ' dummy' the values of the fields). message: Version information not found in. Hive Schema version 0. 0 does not match. 0/ lib directory to avoid the Error. When Hive table schema contains a portion of the schema of a Parquet file, then the access to the values should work if the field names match the schema. This does not work when a struct< > data type is in the schema, and. · Running Apache Hive on Spark in CDH. if the following message appears in the HiveServer2 log,. The Spark driver does not. SPARK- 14228] [ CORE] [ YARN] Lost executor of RPC disassociated, and occurs exception: Could not find.

    user error handling; [ SPARK- 19279] [ SQL] Infer Schema for Hive Serde Tables and Block Creating a Hive Table With an Empty. row is empty; [ SPARK- 19544] [ SQL] Improve error message when some column types are compatible and others are not in. for parallelizing R data. frame larger than 2GB; [ SPARK- 17884] [ SQL] To resolve Null pointer exception when casting from. The number of times to retry a call to the backing datastore if there were a connection error. Automate Insert : Error message in the view log and sql log. AnalysisException: Table not found:. Error message in Hive:. command I got error blow. Then I checked my hive.

    ( message: Versioninformation not found in. get schema version初步确定是hive表. invokes the Hive schema tool. fromCatalog hive - toCatalog spark # Now move the table to target. · Spark; Cloudera Labs;. Version information not found in metastore. The warning message is still there during. ( Scala- only) ; UDF Registration Moved to sqlContext. udf ( Java & Scala) ; Python DataTypes No Longer Singletons. The DataFrame API is available in Scala, Java, Python, and R. In Scala and Java, a DataFrame is represented by a Dataset of Row s.