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Syntax error in from clause in sql

Here is my code: SELECT Max ( [ CompData Query]! [ AgedSalary] ) AS Percentile. For the record, the issue was that COMP is included in the list of Access SQL Reserved Words, presumably as an abbreviation of COMPRESSION for Access DDL. Changing the table alias from comp to cmpt allowed the query. Try to use something like that: INSERT INTO Attendance SELECT R. AttendDate FROM ( ( SELECT [ AttendanceData]. Student, [ AttendanceData]. [ 10/ 1/ ] AS AttendValue, " 10/ 1/ 15" AS AttendDate. [ Part # ], vertex. [ Part # ] FROM vertex Left outer join hotRods ON ( vertex. Year) AND ( hotRods. Access absolutely requires parentheses in the FROM clause of any query which includes more that one join.

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    From error syntax

    If you have Access available, create and test a new query in the query designer. One of the reasons the designer is. Again someone stuck with Access. But don' t despair, Hive has the same problem, and they have some User Defined Functions in GitHub to work around it. For the two set operations MINUS/ EXCEPT or, indeed, INTERSECT,. You must not use only JOIN within your query. This SELECT * FROM STUDENT JOIN DAT3 ON DAT3. MATRIC_ ID = STUDENT. Syntax error in FROM clause. but this will do fine. You need the parentheses in a different place: SELECT A. THREE FROM ( ( A LEFT JOIN B ON A. ONE) LEFT JOIN C ON B. If InvKitNumber is really a number then your strSQL should be strSQL = " SELECT * FROM Info WHERE InvKitNumber = " & Me. Your table is called numeric which is also an SQL data type.

    The SQL parser thinks its a data type and your query fails. If you have reserved keywords like this as table names you need to put the table name in parenthesis:.