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Sql syntax error near end of line

[ SP_ name] AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; SELECT * FROM TableName END. You need another end before go. USE CONTACT GO SET ANSI_ NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_ IDENTIFIER ON GO CREATE PROCEDURE [ dbo]. [ Pref] ( @ userName VARCHAR( 50) VARCHAR( 50), @ PrinterDescription. SQL syntax error near ' ' at line 14. If I copy the create code generated by the IDE and try to run it on phpmyadmin I get a SQL syntax error that I just can´ t figure how to fix it. You have a BEGIN statement. but the END is missing. But I get the following error exact on the END IF; near ' ' :. [ 4] : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ' ' at line 19 SQL Error. There is nothing wrong with your schema or syntax, as you can see from this SQL Fiddle.

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    Near syntax line

    Will cause an error. However: INSERT INTO testtable VALUES ( ' testvalue',, 123. 04, 0, ' ' ) ; - - End statement with ; INSERT INTO testtable. a stray open- quote somewhere that isn' t being closed, causing part of your statement to be the ending part of another string constant. MySQL Error near END · Ask Question. up vote 0 down vote favorite. I am not that great with MySQL ( more used to SQL Server). I' ve had this problem before, and normally I just get rid of ' BEGIN' and ' END' and it works but that doesn' t seem. There was no semicolon at the end of the INSERT INTO. line – Chad K Sep 17 ' 17 at 17: 30. how to solve syntax error in procedure in mysql? You are missing ; after END and at the end of SELECT : DELIMITER $ $ CREATE TRIGGER ` triggerName` AFTER UPDATE ON ` test` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN SELECT * FROM ` test_ 2` WHERE ` id` = 1; END; $ $ DELIMITER ;. You need to have a valid Transact- SQL statement between Begin and END, so cannot have this. So if you have only BEGIN END it goes in error. Begin and END statement need minimum one line of code.

    Error at Command Line : 27 Column : 1 Error report - SQL Error: ERROR: syntax error at or near " END" Position: 45. END is a keyword. create table emp( complete BOOLEAN NOT NULL, " end" BOOLEAN NOT NULL ) ;. This is a list of the reserved words of SQL. com/ tigerlogic/ omnis/ download/ manuals/ SQLReservedWords.