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Bash script syntax error near unexpected token r

Your bash code is buggy. First, you might want to add the hassbang/ shebang ( wikipedia. org/ wiki/ Shebang_ ( Unix) ) at the very beginning of the file, so you don' t need to specify the interpreter each time you run it and. Your script has been edited on a DOS or Windows based system and contains carriage- return characters that Linux/ Unix does not like ( that what \ r is). You could use dos2unix to convert the carriage return line endings to the. Windows uses two characters ( CR and LF, or \ r\ n ) to mark the end of a line in a text file. Unix, Linux, and ( by default) Cygwin use a single LF or ' \ n' character. Some Cygwin tools are able to deal with either format, but sh. With your information, the error is not reproducible. This works fine: #! / bin/ bash function nvis( ) { while true; do echo nvidia- smi sleep $ 1 done } nvis 2. Use dos2unix or a proper text editor to convert all your line breaks from Windows \ r\ n to \ n.

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    Bash near token

    sh < / cygdrive/ c/ NBIS> [ - - without- X11] setup. sh: line 94: syntax error near unexpected token ` $ ' in\ r' ' ' etup. sh: line 94: ` case $ 1 in. Note that igncr is specific to Cygwin and will fail on Linux, as indicated by. The problem is the shell is trying to the run your $ { HOME} / test. R with a bash interpreter for which it is not trying to understand the syntax from the line number 3. Use the R interpreter explicitly from which you want the test. originalfile: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token ` $ ' { \ r' ' ' / originalfile: line 2: ` test( ) {. A similar question and answer that references file encoding is here: bad character showing up in bash script execution.