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Syntax error in insert into statement c oledb

it I get an error that says " Syntax Error in INSERT INTO command", or something to that effect. 0; Data Source= G: \ MedDesk\ Login. accdb; " ; using. Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement" when adding record to Access. 0; Data Source= Data\ Cats. accdb; Persist Security Info= False; " ; conn. SIZE is a reserved word. You cannot use it as a field name unless you enclose it in square brackets, so your code should be written as private void btn_ Save_ Click( object sender, EventArgs e) { try { string sqlText = " insert into OrderForm( [ Size] ). Message= " Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement. 0; Data Source= C: \ Documents and Settings\ Justin\ Desktop\ website.

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    Oledb error insert

    Firstly, I' d opt for using OleDbParameters rather than string. Format to construct your query. That way you won' t have to worry about strings containing quotes or anything else that is likely to make your SQL invalid. every time I press the ' Register' button. I have already tried searching on the net with similar problems and found some things like " Reserved Words" and " It must be your spacing". I did those and it still gives me the error. OleDbException: Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement. Source File: c : \ Application development website\ links\ register. It keeps coming up with the same syntax error. unless i' m missing something. 0; " DBSource = " Data Source= C: \ Users\ ADEOLA\. From Access SQL Reserved Words List, POSITION already defined as reserved keyword.

    If you use a reserved word or symbol to name a field in a table, Access warns you that the word is reserved and that you might. 0; Data Source= C: \ \ Users\ \ IFMComac\ \ Documents\ \ Visual Studio. I keep getting the error Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement. InsertQuery= INTO [ userInfo] ( userName, [ password], firstName, lastName, userAddress, userCity,. After fixing this error you need also to add the column UserState ( or whatever is called) because you have added a parameter for it. Keep in mind that in OleDb the parameters are positional. Once you' ve done that, if you still have problems, edit this question with the new code and say what the error is. I posted this as a comment to the duplicate question at: Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement in c# OleDb. Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement" when adding record to Access database · c# ms- access. I' ve searched for hours. strConn = Microsoft. Check column' s names and data type. Then use CommandParameter to avoid sql injection. I also recommend you to encapsulate the table name with square brackets if you use a reserved word as table name.

    is this compiling at all because there seems to be an extra d and s in the insertcommands under try. if idnum is autonumber, primary key, you. C# & SQL " Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement". 0; Data Source= Database. accdb; Persist Security Info= False" ) ; ; command. try: " insert into OrderForm ( [ Customer Name], Address, [ Telephone Number], [ Post Code] ) values( ' " + customerName. Text + " ', ' " + addrBox. Text + " ', ' " + telephoneNumber. Text + " ', ' " + postCode. Text + " ' ) " ;. Getting Syntax Error in INSERT INTO Statement ( C# - MS Access). 0; " + Source= c: \ users\ mert\ " +. Describes a problem that may occur when you use ADO. NET code to access Office Access, and you receive a " Syntax error in INSERT. Your problem is probably one these three: Outright syntax error not clearly visible with the hideous unparametrized SQL statement : p; newUser or some other field has a ' somewhere and is screwing up the syntax.

    You are trying to insert a.