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Compiler error message cs1061 mvc

And also check the comments from distantcam. I had some issues with an OpenID provider that only populated the FullName field. This caused several null ref exceptions. The way I fixed it was. Did you split the solution into multiple projects? If so, try force building the project that contains the class Photo. It sounds like the WebApplication only sees an outdated DLL, in which the Photo. GalleryCategory property is not yet present. Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately. Compiler Error Message: CS1061: ' Devcore'. Here is the solution: Go to Split Mode, click on the textbox/ object, in the code remove the line. having the same issue myself, I made the method public so that removed the compiler error, then followed that with including. What you need to do is clean your pagename. aspx designer file.

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    Message compiler error

    Open up the designer file and clean all the contents of it. Then what you need to do is change something in the aspx page. This will ensure new designer code. Compiler Error Message: CS1061: ' default_ aspx' does not contain a definition for ' GridView2_ SelectedIndexChanged1' and no extension method ' GridView2_ SelectedIndexChanged1' accepting a first argument of type ' default_ aspx' could. Mvc" / > < add namespace= " System. Ajax" / > < add namespace= " System. Html" / > < add namespace= " System. Routing" / > < add namespace= " System. WebPages" / > < add namespace= " System. The error is self explanatory. Your razor view is strongly typed to RegisterVM, but it does not have a property called UserEmail. In your view you are trying to use the UserEmail property of your model. So update your RegisterVm view model. Compiler Error Message: CS1061: ' System. IEnumerable' does not contain a definition for ' Pagination' and no extension method ' Pagination' accepting a first argument of type ' System.

    You should strongly type the View to the List, not the model only. Inherits = " System. ViewPage< IEnumerable< MVC_ Basics_ 1. Category> > " % >. This should solve both of your problems I guess.