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Error c2059 syntax error declspec dllimport

In C, structs are not types, so you must use struct Foo and enum Bar where in C+ + you are able to use Foo and Bar. Notes: In C+ +, you can still use the old syntax even when the type is a class. In C, people often use typedef. The decl- specifier- seq should contain, among other things, a base type ( e. int, float, a typedef, or a class name), a storage class ( e. static, extern), or the _ _ declspec extension. The init- declarator- list should contain, among. It is throwing several errors, but I figure if the syntax issue is solved, the rest will fall into place. extern " C" _ _ declspec( dllexport) # else # define ATUSBHID_ API extern " C" _ _ declspec( dllimport) # endif / / This macro function calls the C runtime' s. 今天在做dll开发的时候, 用VC编译成功后, 心血来潮升级到VC, 立刻一堆 错误, 其中一个错误error C syntax error : _ _ declspec( dllimport) 破费一番周折 。 # ifdef GSMMULTIPORT_ EXPORTS# define.

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    Syntax declspec error

    ifdef _ _ cplusplus # define NOMANGLE extern " C" # else # define NOMANGLE # endif # ifdef EXPORT_ BUILD # define EXPORT NOMANGLE _ _ declspec( dllexport) # else # define EXPORT NOMANGLE _ _ declspec( dllimport). C+ + compilers can be very picky about the order in which you declare the calling convention and storage- class information( export visibily with _ _ declspec ). AFAIK, VC+ + needs the calling convention to appear after the. Should I export all functions of the program, or not? Generally when designing the interface to a library, you should export just the functions that are needed by consumers of the library. If you exported every function then you. 関数の宣言としては、 _ _ declspec( dllimport) は省略可能ですが、 このキーワードを使う と、 コンパイラはより効率的なコードを生成します。 ただし、 インポートされる実行形式が DLL のパブリック データ シンボルとオブジェクトにアクセスするに. Therefore, using _ _ declspec( dllimport) is better because the linker does not generate a thunk if it is not required. Thunks make the code larger ( on RISC systems, it can be several instructions) and can degrade your cache.