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Java lang runtimeexception system error invalid or empty activity

MainActivity} : java. NumberFormatException: Invalid double: " " : 41: 21. 870: E/ AndroidRuntime: at android. main( ZygoteInit. 870: E/ AndroidRuntime: at dalvik. You may implement some checks for blank strings ( empty string or null), fix the value of latitude before it reaches the conversion or catch the. PERMISSION_ GRANTED) { / / permission was granted } else { / / permission denied, boo! Disable the / / functionality that depends on this permission. showAlert( getString( R. error), getString( R. message) ) ; } } / / other. You are trying to parse an empty String ( " " ) to a numerical value, but " " is not a numerical value.

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    Activity lang empty

    Make sure you set it to required, or check for emptiness before trying to parse it. ProductInformationActivity. product = Constant. get( position) ; / / startActivity( new Intent( getBaseContext( ), ProductInformationActivity. class) ) ; Intent mViewCartIntent = new Intent( activity, ProductInformationActivity. class) ; activity. The reason is, that " " is not a valid double. You need to test the String before or catch such exceptions double w; try { w = new Double( input3. toString( ) ) ; } catch ( NumberFormatException e) { w = 0; / / your default value }. RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo exception and that is the activity that you are trying to start. However, I still encountered the error described in the original post and could not get it to go away. Error clearly shows your value is empty java. NumberFormatException: Invalid double: " ". You need add one condition like this if (! equals( " " ) ) { Location savedLocation = new Location( " databaseLocation" ) ;.

    IllegalArgumentException: Invalid path: / sdcard at android. java: 46) at android. If we check the SDK method that raise this error: private static StructStatVfs doStat( String path ). your EditText at that time is empty and " " is not a valid double value. You should call am= Double. after you enter a value and press, for instance, an " ok" Button. IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid index 0, size is 0. AfterSessionActivity. That code will fail, because numberIncorrectSet is an empty list at this point in the code. share| improve this.