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Web api set error message

to be / / seriously i used to be able to just set the status and leave it at that but nooo. now / / i need to throw an exception var badResponse. I tried your solution, yet I do not understand class Resources. Where did it come from? My solution is described below and it was working with good resources. Model: using TestApp. Properties; using System; using System. HttpErrorオブジェクトは、 応答本文にエラー情報を返す一貫した方法を提供します。. NET Web APIします。. 前の例では、 返されます、 HttpResponseMessage 、 コント ローラー アクションからのメッセージを使用すること. For me I usually send back a HttpResponseException and set the status code accordingly depending on the exception thrown and if the exception is fatal or not will determine whether I send back the HttpResponseException immediately. Implement a Global Exception Handler for a REST API with Spring. 今日は簡単な方法でログインするか、 世界中にエラーを処理する Web API です。. ほかに例外フィルター、 メッセージ ハンドラー 500 番台のすべての応答を観察する今日 使用できますが、 元のエラー. public class ExceptionContext { public Exception Exception { get; set; } public HttpRequestMessage Request { get; set; }.

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    Message error

    NET Web API 2はそれを本当に単純化しました。 たとえば、 次のコード: public HttpResponseMessage GetProduct( int id) { Product item = repository. Get( id) ; if ( item = = null) { var message = string. Format( " Product with id = { 0} not found", id) ;. I have an application that I am using the WebAPI to simulate a web service. I know that the web service returns an HttpStatusCode but it also returns a custom message. I can return an error code li. Instead of relying on a lot of XML configuration, Web API uses a lot of programmatic configuration. This helps self hosting, but for changing policies like error detail, we have to change the code, re- compile and re- deploy.