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What is vicarious trial and error

( spatial learning/ cognitive map/ simultaneous discrimination/ hesitation/ conflict). DAN Hu AND ABRAM AMSEL*. The rodent behaviour originally termed ' vicarious trial and error' ( VTE) by Muenzinger and Gentry and proposed as a prospective imagination of the future by Tolman is fundamentally a behavioural observation of pausing and reorienting. Vicarious trial- and- error ( VTE) is a term that Muenzinger and Tolman used to describe the rat' s conflict- like behavior before responding to choice. Recently, VTE was proposed as a mechanism alternative to the concept of. In the 1930s, this pause- and- look behaviour was termed ' vicarious trial and error' ( VTE), with the implication that the rat was ' thinking about the future'. The discovery in that the firing of hippocampal place cells gives rise. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 1938, 53, 75- 86. VICARIOUS TRIAL AND ERROR AT A POINT OF. A GENERAL SURVEY OF ITS RELA. TION TO LEARNING EFFICIENCY*. Department of Psychology, University of Colorado. Empirical material relating to " vicarious trial- and- error" ( VTE) is summarized and evaluated critically in terms of criteria for VTE, of antecedents to and response correlates of VTE, and of VTE and learning efficiency. It is proposed that the.

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    Vicarious what trial

    Vicarious trial and error ( VTE) is an occasional behaviour observed in rats at choice points on mazes. During VTE events, rats pause and look back and forth on the maze. Decision making in mammals is accomplished. Nat Rev Neurosci. Mar; 17( 3) : 147- 59. Vicarious trial and error. Author information: ( 1) Department of Neuroscience, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455, USA. Vicarious trial- and- error behavior and hippocampal cytochrome oxidase activity during Y- maze discrimination learning in the rat. Hu D( 1), Xu X, Gonzalez- Lima F. Author information: ( 1) McGovern.