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Syntax error in insert into statement access 2007

So where you have: INSERT INTO TabClearDetail( Clearance Applying For, Contract Applying for,. PASSWORD is a reserved word in Access SQL, so you need to wrap that column name in square brackets. You really should use a parameterized query to protect against SQL Injection and generally make your life easier. All column names put In [ ] brackets. There can be issue that because No is reserved word, It should be inside [ ]. CommandText = " INSERT INTO Retiree( [ NO], [ RANK], [ LAST NAME], [ FIRST NAME],. Every one i write code that insert some data into Microsoft Access database but i have an error " Syntax error in insert into statement" i don' t know why! thanks in advance ; code: OleDbConnection conn = new. Are the fields for date and time considered reserved words and should be wrapped in brackets or ticks to qualify it as the column name. , [ date], [ time],.

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    Access error statement

    But I think it is most likely the trailing final comma before your final. I want to save data into access database about picture and data of customer. It appears that my problem was in INSERT INTO statement, because there was a msgbox appears that every time i try to save a data from textbox. and lastly, I' m new. The column name OCR Title is invalid, you have to escape it using [ ] like [ OCR Title] : INSERT INTO Responses ( OCR, DeadlineDate, [ OCR Title] ) VALUES(. Also, please try to use parametrized queries instead of. Use parameters cmd. CommandText = " INSERT INTO AlarmHistory( [ Date] ) VALUES (? new DateTime(, 06, 8 ) ) ; cmd. ExecuteNonQuery( ) ;.

    This will preserve your code from. Your query seems wrong:. VALUES( usernme, passwrd). - - Here the usernme and passwrd are not variables for database, but just plain text in the query. Use parameters, like this: Dim usernme, passwrd As String usernme. making it to be [ order] if you have control over the generated SQL statement. keywords here: office. com/ en- us/ article/ Access- - reserved- words- and- symbols- E33EB3A9- 8BAAF57- DA237C63EABE.