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Bash syntax error near unexpected end of file

" else if [ " $ mes" - gt 12 - a " $ mes" - lt 0 ] ; then echo " Creo que eso ya no es un mes! " # Missed fi here fi exit fi. The diagnostic " unexpected end of file" is a hint that you have some unmatched or unterminated opening syntactical construct ( if w/ o fi, do w/ o done, opening brackets w/ o the associated closing one, opening but. I had the same error due to missing " fi" line. Make sure to omit syntax errors. bashrc is located in / etc/ skel/. So just run the following command: cp / etc/ skel/. Generally speaking, bash variables should always be wrapped in double quotes. For example, say $ 1 is My File. Your script tries to do this: mv My File. which mv takes to mean that you want.

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    Syntax file unexpected

    Вот тут представлено решение, проблема была в том, что текстовый редактор приписывал символы \ r\ n вместо только \ r как требует unix. Решение взято отсюда ответ со стекоферфлоу. Вот тут описано как такое. sh is with CRLF line terminators. run dos2unix file. then the problem will be fixed. You can install dos2unix in ubuntu with this: sudo apt- get install dos2unix. - bash: / Users/ note103/. bash: line 52: syntax error near unexpected token ` elif' - bash:. bash_ profile - bash: / Users/ note103/. bash_ profile: line 82: syntax error: unexpected end of file - bash: _ _ git_ ps1:. I' ve corrected some statements, removed some ; and formatted once more. This is the working result: # checks if speed is 150 if [ $ 2 - eq 150 ] ; then words= 0 starttime= $ ( date + % s) FS= $ ' \ n' for j in $ ( grep - - color= always - iP. end of file を確認しましょう。 cat - vet file_ exist. syntax error near unexpected token ` fi' はif なしに fiが出てきたときに出るエラーです。 ただやりたい事など察すると このスクリプトでは違うエラーが出ると思います。 おそらく以下のような.

    Edit: Note that the original post has been edited since this answer was written and has been reformatted. You should look at the history to see the original formatting to understand the context for this answer. This error occurs.