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Additional information fatal error encountered during data read

MySqlException' occurred in MySql. dll Failed to run query: Fatal error encountered during command. But after reading almost a 100 records from DB and printing them I get an exception with Error Message: " Fatal error encountered during data read. " Here are the Exception Details: MySql. fatal error encountered during data read. Data in connection class:. While not a direct answer to your problem, per your request here' s some info and a code example on using. See using Statement for more details. ExecuteReader( ) ) { while ( Rd. Read( ) ) { / / rest of your code here } } } }. You do not assign any value to parameter, thus the execution of the prepared statement fails. I have seen many developers encountering errors with their SQL because they are using AddWithValue on their SqlCommand.

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    Error encountered data

    The issue with this is that the command doesn' t know the data type of your sql command. Read ' random exception here' '. more code' Loop End Using Catch ex As Exception ' code breaks here on exception - recover from this point ' End Try. I won' t go into a protracted dissertation on exception handling but there. Bug # 68983, Fatal error encountered during data read. Submitted: 17 Apr: 05. Hello, Some extra info - I added another timer to the loop to measure the time of the inserts just before the read error occurs. That time is extremely low. C# でMySQLに接続して長々MySqlDataReaderをぶんぶん回していると、 たまに「 Fatal error encountered during data read」 というエラーが発生してしまうのです。 簡単に 対処方法を試してみたので、 書いておきます。 以前は接続する. Any insight would be great, and feel free to let me know what other info I need to provide. ExecuteNonQuery( ) ; I just added two lines like this:.

    The error may be speed related - C# may be trying to process the data faster than MySQL can keep up. Add a sleep timer when a error occurs ( or after processing a large section) so the system can " breathe" or 2. try to read again. First: You have reading information around 20K using data reader and then doing update one by one in reader itself. In SQL u can do either by sending information in XML format or u can use Table Valued Parameter ( TVP).