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Bash syntax error near unexpected token from

So you need to put spaces around [ and ]. Although you' d be better off using [ [ and ] ]. And the command following if ( yes, [ is a command) must be terminated with a ; or a. esac) ' | bash bash: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token ` ; ; ' bash: line 1: ` echo $ ( case 1 in 1) echo OK; ;. 私は今のところ旧バージョンのbashとzshでだけこの 現象を見つけましたが、 シェルのパーサーが甘いと将来的にも起き. ファイルをサーバーからコピーしたいのだけど空白やら記号があって困った. ¥ scp hoge jp: tmp/ hoge hoge( hoge). / - bash: syntax error near unexpected token ` ( '. こんな時はファイル名を " " で囲って文字列として扱えば良いの. bashでsyntax error near unexpected token ` ( ' が出たときの話 bashでsayコマンドで 遊んでたら syntax error near unexpected token ` ( ' というエラーが出た. 例: say go on the next page( 唐突) このときに引数の文字列をダブルクオー. 他のシェルだと問題無く動くのに、 bashに持ってきたら動かなくなるシェルスクリプトが あってこれまで何度か悩まされてきたので、 そろそろここらで. echo $ ( case 1 in 1) echo OK; ; esac) - bash: syntax error near unexpected token ` ; ; ' $.

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    Syntax from token

    You need to quote the pathname, because of all the special characters it contains. Since you can' t escape single quotes inside single quotes, you need to use double quotes as the outer delimiter, and then escape the inner. You probably have an alias for make somewhere earlier in the files that bash reads on startup. Try alias - p to list them, and adding unalias make in front of the function. The error message complains about an unexpected do because you used it wrong: do is a reserved word used in for, case, while and until loops. As the preceding comment ends with for i in $ * I assume you just forgot to add. なんの話かというと、 その14時頃に遭遇していた問題というのがあって、 ターミナル を開くと - bash: / Users/ note103/. bash: line 52: syntax error near unexpected token ` elif' - bash:. You should use single quotes ' or double quotes " around the URL in this case ( and in general) : wget flareget. com/ files/ flareget/ debs/ amd64/ flareget_ 2. 3- 24_ amd64( stable) _ deb.

    From now, you should use this method in.