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Rails syntax error unexpected keyword end

でも、 haml記法だと、 endとか閉じタグはいらないはずですね。. / / haml- error- unexpected- keyword- ensure- expecting- end- of- input. The Unexpected Token error is a specific type of SyntaxError object. Like most programming languages, JavaScript tends to be fairly particular about its syntax and the way it is. SyntaxError: expected expression, got keyword ' else'. Exception Handling · rails · report · Ruby · Ruby Exception Handling. といつもの見慣れたようなTypoのエラーが出たのでControllerを確認したけどない。 何度見てもちゃんとカッコ閉じてるし end も. 在WIN7下, 一段简单的代码: class Person end 执行, 竟然会报错: test. rb: 1: syntax error, unexpected keyword_ end, expecting ' endss Person. The errors you' re receiving more than likely stem from trying to execute a if- else conditional wherein you have an extra < % end % > before < % else % >. Ensure that your conditional follows canonical if- else- end logic like the. My code is as follows.

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    Keyword rails unexpected

    If I remove the last end, it says unexpected end of input, if I put the end back in, it says unexpected keyword end. I cannot see anything wrong with the following code. to_ i array= Array. Ruby on Rails で Haml を使っていて以下のような. unexpected keyword_ ensure, expecting keyword_ end 原因. syntax error, unexpected keyword. This means there is a syntax error and translates to " the end keyword was found when nothing more was expected to complete the program". This is usually due to an unbalanced number of " openers". The lines w/ do in them should not have the. should be each do | c|. do is the keyword for beginning a block, not a method on each. · syntax error, unexpected tSTRING_ BEG. unexpected tSTRING_ BEG, expecting keyword_ do or '. [ Rails] Re: syntax error: David Kahn:. Rubyでプログラムを書いたら、 「 syntax error, unexpected end- of.

    unexpected end- of- input, expecting keyword_ end. Ruby on Railsの環境を構築. Ruby on Rails syntax error, unexpected. syntax error, unexpected kENSURE, expecting $ end On line # 6 of. > You' ve missed the ' do' keyword in the. syntax error, unexpected keyword_ end, expecting $ end from. in the same line you need a then keyword: irb( main) : 018: 0> def find( * args). This error is very common and simple which you might get when trying to. syntax error, unexpected KEYWORD,. How to fix " unexpected KEYWORD, expecting $ end.

    当前位置: 代码迷 > > Ruby/ Rails > > syntax error, unexpected $ end,. syntax error, unexpected $ end, expecting keyword_ end. syntax error, unexpected $ end,. end と打ったつもりが, キーを叩きすぎて endd になってしまった。 エラーメッセージは こうなる:. rb: 4: syntax error, unexpected end- of- input,. This happens whether I say y or n to the ' Create a GitHub repository? ' option question. When Rails Composer subsequently runs ' bundle install', an error occurs. syntax error, unexpected $ end, expecting keyword_ end #. syntax error, unexpected $ end. / api / scraping api / syntax languages / archive. there has an error in your code. You have extra end in your code before the else starts.

    Removing that may solve your problem. ruby) : 6: syntax error, unexpected keyword_ elsif, expecting. no elsif can ever go between else and end. the proper structure of an if. syntax error, unexpected $ end, expecting keyword_ end有段代码如下, cmd下用ruby *. rb执行后, puts. rb执行后, puts " 方法内部的输出 " + $ myGlobal该句一直报错. 6: syntax error, unexpected keyword_ end, expecting ' ) ' – Henry Chan Jul 19 ' 15 at 10: 03. If your question about ' unexpected keyword end' has been answered, but you need further help for other, unrelated. You are failing to close 2 of your loops with an < % end % >. < % unless series. % > < div class= " col- xs- 6 col- sm- 6 col- md- 4" > < p class= " field- label" > Series< / p> < % series.

    each do | series| % > < span. · Syntax error, unexpected keyword_ end, expecting end- of- input. Faça uma pergunta. Rails 4 Error each_ with_ index ao usar activerecord- import. Issue Description I' m new to Ruby and Fastlane. I was trying to pass variables to lane provision. I called fastlane build_ app but got syntax error below. Hamlのsyntax error, unexpected keyword_ ensure,. sinatraでコード書くために基本的な処理書いた Rails. shotgunで「 Internal Server Error invali. Rails Syntax Error Unexpected Kend. You have too syntax error, unexpected kEND, expecting $ end" I am new to Ruby. Why do units ( from do. my_ simple_ class. rb: 34: syntax error, unexpected end- of- input, expecting keyword_ end.