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Datatable select syntax error missing operand after

Dim dt = New DataTable adpt. Fill( dt) Dim dt1 As DataView = dt. Syntax error: Missing operand after ' = ' operator. But following error pops up: " Syntax error: Missing operand after ' TruckGrossWeight' operator. Select( " LNGFuelAvailability = " + drpdwnlst_ LNGFuelAvailability. syntax should be like below. Select( " A = foo AND B = bar" ) ;. It keeps showing " Missing operand after songName. or you could be using a C# syntax that rubs my C/ C+ +. I don' t really understand the " DataTable. occurred in system.

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    Syntax select datatable

    Additional information: Syntax error: Missing operand after ' group' operator. " What operand am I. using SUM in DataTable. I assume your claimNo is number, the right syntax is; dtCpt. Select( " CLAIM_ NUMBER = " + claimNo + " " ) ;. Select method uses same rules with DataColumn. Expression property by the way. If your claimNo is a string. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. it threw error " Syntax Error, Missing operand after ' = ' operator" on this line of code. i checked it against some sample code,. Missing operand before ' = ' operator" error in DataTable filtering. NET Framework Forums on Bytes.

    instead of writing the id in characters as part of the string, use the actual variable because writing " item code = id" is actually compiling as the item code actually equals ' id' instead of the the value of the id variable. write " item code = ' " + id. tostring( ) + " ' ". What kind of expression should I write in select method? Syntax error: Missing operand after ' group' operator. I think SQL is seeing " Student ID" as two words. If your table fields really have spaces in them you need to add brackets, " [ Student ID] ". ( You may need single or double quote identifiers instead of brackets. Exception : - Syntax error: Missing operand after ' s' operator. Thanks in Advance.

    Edited by Sallyhere Thursday,. You can use the DataTable. I run, I got an error: Syntax error: Missing operand before. Select method uses same rules. Syntax error: missing operand after. Syntax Error Missing Operand After S. Missing Operand After Operator Datatable Select. com/ questions/ / syntax- error- missing- operand- before- operator a. Select for DateTime column, you should enclose the value of DateTime in single quotes. DataRow[ ] ClassTime = DateTime. Tables[ " Table" ].

    Select( " ClassListingDate= ' " + Convert. DataTable dt = new DataTable( ) ; dt. Syntax error: Missing operand after ' Number' operator. i am searching a datatable to match a user input from a textbox. Missing Operand after Like,. Syntax error: Missing operand after ' LIKEC' operator. SyntaxErrorException: Syntax error:. Select( " Name = ' " + drData[ " Name" ]. ToString( ) + " ' " ) ;. If drData[ " Name" ] = " The business' s money". I got an exception of " Syntax error: Missing operand after ' S' operator ". Can anyone tell me how to preserve it and no replace it or remove it,. Dim dtFuture As Date = DateAdd( DateInterval. Month, 6, Today) dv.

    RowFilter = " ValidUntil > " & dtFuture. ToString & " AND ValidUntil > " & Today. I am getting the error Syntax error: Missing operand after ' 00' operator. Select( Color > = N' F' AND Color < = N' F' ) I cant find out what is missing in this statement. ther is no syntax error,. Syntax Error, Missing operand after ' = ' operator : Top: Hi,. Select( dataTable. RowFilter Help, Please. Syntax error: Missing operand after. You' re going to have to do a dataTable. Select and loop through the. Syntax error: Missing operand after ' Employee' operator.

    I have a dropdown list. what select any item from this list, it works fine. when just go back to the firls item " Select item" header. it gives me the error Syntax error: Missing operand after ' xxxxx' operator. fine until it got to the part, " AND ( SELECT * FROM PBRule. You can' t SELECT data like that and I am pretty sure you cannot use the IN operator. It isn' t SQL SERVER, it' s most like MS ACCESS type syntax, but not exactly. Im trying to search the datatable for a firstname I Get an error saying. String Param = " SELECT * FROM " + table. Syntax error: missing operand after ' I. Missing operand after ' Student' operator. You need to fill your DataTable first with some data and then you can.

    Syntax error : Missing Operand before ' IS. Using Datetime value in DataTable. Select( ) [ Answered] RSS. 5 replies Last post Dec 27, 06: 22. Error: Syntax error: Missing operand after ' 11' operator. You have a missing white- space at ' AND. So replace ' AND. Is size a string- column or an int- column? If it' s a string you need quotation marks around too: AND size = ' " + cboSize. or even better, use String. How to use DataTable. Archived Forums V >.