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Fatal syntax error implementation expected but uses found

unit Unit1; { $ mode objfpc} { $ H+ } interface uses Classes, SysUtils, FileUtil, Forms, Controls, Graphics, Dialogs, StdCtrls, Buttons, ExtCtrls,. TObject) ; private { private declarations } public { public declarations } end; var Form1: TForm1; implementation { $ R *. lfm} { TForm1 } procedure TForm1. If you need two or more statements for true_ statement or false_ statement, then the group of statements must be placed within a begin. end Block procedure TForm1. Button2Click( Sender: TObject) ; var days: integer; begin. obj_ colorfilter. pas( 15, 1) Fatal: Syntax error, " identifier" expected but " BEGIN" found. Classes, SysUtils, Graphics; type ColorFilter = Object / / allgemeine Variebelen ( private) private filterColor:. expected but ' ; ' found [ DCC Error] TabbedTemplate. pas( 55) : E ' ; ' expected but ' BEGIN' found [ DCC Fatal Error]. Honestly i' m quite puzzled, the syntax seems correct, the procedure is auto generated from the events tab.

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    Implementation error uses

    Note that in Pascal the semicolon is a separator, not a terminator. Sometimes this doesn' t matter, but in some cases it does, particularly before an else. Your code should be: while not EOF( Archi) do begin index: = index + 1;. You have these two if statements beginning a code block: end else if obraz= 6 then begin if mampistoli= 1 then begin. but there is only one end; to end them. If you indent your code carefully, it is easier to spot problems like this. If it' s pascal code then your programs have to start with: program MyProgram;. and end with: end. The general form of a procedure definition is as follows: procedure name( argument( s) : type1, argument( s) : type 2,. You' re missing the main program block, and then of course same for some of your functions procedures. The below will compile as it supplies the missing blocks, but of course it will do nothing. program MouseInput; Uses. In this case you have to include the uses keyword into your { $ IFDEF} as well. If its directive is not defined, the produced code looks like this ( notice the orphaned uses keyword) :.

    implementation uses procedure.