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Bash syntax error near unexpected token semicolon

6 version of ' bash'? This may be used to check a shell script for syntax errors. { echo hi; } b( ) { echo lo } # omitted semi- colon before } Results of syntax check,. 5: ` | echo 2' Results for se- 5: se- 5: line 5: syntax error near unexpected token. In result the syntax is completely wrong. This code contains the semicolon character ; that can be used as newline token in Bash - the default. You don' t need the semicolon. After it' s sent to the background it' s free to get another command. A semicolon or ampersand ( ; or & ) in a shell script is a command terminator. You can' t use it if it doesn' t follow a command. ; means “ run the. Error : - DataPumpExport.

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    Syntax semicolon token

    ksh: line 173: syntax error near unexpected token ` else'. either with a semi- colon before " then" or in a new line. if [ " DB" = = " pgsql" ] ; then bash: syntax error near unexpected token ` ; '. confusing - - notice that the semicolon that is causing the error is not. Like " real" programming languages, Bash has functions, though in a. In this case, however, a semicolon must follow the final command in the function. 6: syntax error near unexpected token ` } ' # empty- function. sh: line 6: ` } ' # $ echo $? need double semicolon after each option. I tried to remove the semicolon it gives me this error. Code: syntax error near unexpected token ` ) '. Your while syntax is messed up. You need a condition between the while and the do. That' s probably screwing up the parsing of the case. You are missing a semicolon ( and I' m not sure if it works without square brackets).

    / bin/ sh rm / opt/ file_ name if [ $? - ne 0 ] ; then echo ' error' fi exit.