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How to solve syntax error in insert into statement

This word is reserved in JET- SQL and thus should be enclosed in square brackets command = " INSERT INTO tblinformation( title, author, isbn, category,. Once you' ve done that, if you still have problems, edit this question with the new code and say what the error is. I posted this as a comment to the duplicate question at: Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement in c# OleDb. The content of the text boxes and the rich text box could be causing the syntax error. Here is what I suggest: Edit the the insert statement and don' t include any of the text box or rich text values, just use " " ( empty string) for those. PASSWORD is a reserved word in Access SQL, so you need to wrap that column name in square brackets. You really should use a parameterized query to protect against SQL Injection and generally make your life easier. You are trying to insert into 13 columns but provide only 11 values! Describes a problem that may occur when you use ADO. NET code to access Office Access, and you receive a " Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement" error message. Are the fields for date and time considered reserved words and should be wrapped in brackets or ticks to qualify it as the column name. , [ date], [ time],.

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    Insert statement syntax

    But I think it is most likely the trailing final comma before your final. I really cannot figure out how to solve this syntax error. In my database( which is access ) I have this. The error message I get is: Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement. I hope someone can point out the syntax error in. I' ve searched for hours for a solution to this problem but nothing I' ve read has helped. I' m getting this error when trying to add this record to an Access database. The file I' m trying to save into is named Cats. accdb, with a table named Cats. Your code has a proliferation of issues and using parameterized queries will solve all of them; they aren' t difficult to write. It seems your data in some of the variables passed in INSERT may be causing this error.