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Ruby dynamic error message

Once it' s been assigned you can' t go back and change that. You could refactor this to use only local variables rather than constants:. Regarding the include : that might be the thing doing the monkey patching on the StandardError hierarchy. This means that when you call raise Amazon: : AWS: : Error: : AWSError. new( SOME_ XML) Ruby ends up calling. Try doing something like this: # Your Model. rb validate : my_ own_ validation_ method. private def my_ own_ validation_ method if there_ is_ no_ sunday_ in_ the_ range self. errors[ : base] < < " You must have a Sunday in the time. usr/ bin/ env ruby. def match_ message( regexp). ( class < < m; self; end). instance_ eval do. define_ method( : = = = ) do | error|. regexp = = = error.

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    Message dynamic ruby

    raise StandardError, " Error message about a. EDIT: To make the fruits method accessible as a class method on Foo too, you have to declare the fruits array in a way that is accessible while inside the ClassMethods module. One way would be to declare the array as a class variable and. ApplicationController have method rescue_ from rescue exceptions raised in controller actions: in application_ controller. rb : class ApplicationController < ActionController: : Base rescue_ from YouAwesome: : Exception do. SyntaxError: dynamic constant assignment error. Perhaps you' d rather have an instance variable on the class? Because constants in Ruby aren' t meant to be changed, Ruby discourages you from assigning to them in parts of code which. To reraise the exception and modify the message, while preserving the exception class and its backtrace, simply do: strings. each_ with_ index do | string, i| begin do_ risky_ operation( string) rescue Exception = > e raise $!

    This message is saying that the page 200 ( No error or OK) is not found. Your application is trying to. What I would do is create a errors/ 200. erb and debug the output to see what is going on. As you said, there is an. When you use a rescue clause in Ruby, you can specify what kinds of exceptions you want to rescue. But what if you don' t know what the exception class will be at the time that you write the code?