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Loophole quantum error correction

The " detection efficiency", or " fair sampling" problem is the most prevalent loophole in optical experiments. Many modern experiments are directed at detecting quantum entanglement rather than ruling out local hidden variable. In the case of Bell test experiments, if there are sources of error ( that are not accounted for by the experimentalists) that. In quantum error correction, a logical quantum bit ( qubit) is encoded in a subspace of multiple physical qubits so that errors can be. Loophole- free Bell inequality violation using electron spins separated by 1. Abstract: Logical qubit encoding and quantum error correction ( QEC) have been experimentally demonstrated in various physical systems with multiple physical qubits, however, logical operations are challenging due to the. Abstract: A quantum error correction ( QEC) code uses quantum bits to construct one " logical" quantum bits of better quality than the original " physical" ones. QEC theory predicts that the failure probability of logical qubits. Abstract: We study the performance of quantum error correction ( QEC) on a system undergoing open- system ( OS) dynamics. The noise on the system originates from a joint quantum channel on the system- bath composite,. When errors are measured in terms of the diamond norm, we find that the error correction is typically much more effective for unitary errors than for dephasing. We observe this behavior for a wide range of. Abstract: The problem of finding quantum error- correcting codes is transformed into the problem of finding additive codes over the field GF( 4) which are self- orthogonal with respect to a certain trace inner product. Many new codes and new.

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    Correction quantum loophole

    decoding, error syndrome measurement, and recovery are all performed flaw- lessly. In Chapter 8 we will examine the more realistic case in which errors occur during these operations. 2 Criteria for Quantum Error Correction. In the present work, to reduce the number of qubits required for large scale quantum computation, we propose the tracking quantum error correction, where the logical- qubit level quantum error correction is partially substituted.